Saturday, November 17, 2012

Holy mother of shit- It's been WELL over a year since anything has gone up here. Does it matter? Does anyone care? Probably not, but the unfortunate reality of the internet is that your crappy free website exists whether you update it or not. Hence, may as well get my nuts moving on posting some fine fresh stuff cranking out of Ragbag Comics studios (read: the ass end of my couch)... Here's a coupla posters from recent events- first up, FONG FEST at the fabulous CHEF SHANGRI LA in North Riverside, IL (

...and another for my good pal at Graveface Records in Savannah, GA. It sounds like it was a hoot... wish a coulda been there. With ventriloquist puppets, a haunted house, and a bunch of killer bands, how the hell could it have sucked? Answer: It could not have, and, in fact, did not suck in any way:

'Tis but a taste... more stuff to post soon- a couple 7" covers, more posters, a t-shirt, the new 2013 Bloodshot Records calendar, some menu designs and more. Thanks for paying attention, ye who may have stumbled on this free site while searching for weird porn. More updates in the next couple o' days.... --PK

Monday, July 25, 2011

Just got some swell printed shirts from Charlie Parr that turned out pretty darn nice (if I do say so myself.)

You can pick these up directly from Mr. Parr when he's in your town- check out his tour schedule here:


They're available in royal blue art on a yellow shirt, and white art on a royal blue shirt (for you completists out there.)

More freelance skullduggery in the works to be posted here. One of these days I'll finally get around to whippin' up some new COMICS too!
More free Amazon MP3 sampler goodness!

Here's the latest freebie Bloodshot sampler with artwork by m'self (the fourth so far.)

It's nab-able through the end of July and perfect for any sort of summer shindig you might have planned. Oh... and the artwork is super patriotic. Gotta keep it real (and real cheap) in these times of financial crises and such...


Check out here!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Need somethin' to keep yr feet movin' through those long summer nights?
There's a brand-spankin'-new Bloodshot Records sampler FREE on Amazon thru the month of June with artwork by yours truly...


Nab it here!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Chicago area folks should head out to Fitzgerald's in Berwyn for a good time (and a good cause!)

They're hosting a fundraiser for Danny Amis, better known as Daddy O Grande of instrumental surf-Luchadores LOS STRAITJACKETS THIS THURSDAY (6/9/11.) A year ago, Daddy O was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Unfortunately (like so many of us out there) he is without health insurance. Coming out and supporting the cause will mean a lot.

More details at and at

Here's the poster we put together to get the word out:


Thursday, June 02, 2011


Hey folks-

Shuffle yrself on down to the nearest hip purveyor of excellent printed materials and snag a copy of the latest Roctober- the finest in hard-hitting comics and music journalism for the last 20+ years!

I did this months cover- an ode to horrible 80's fashions (in keeping with the theme of this month's mag.)


Saturday, May 28, 2011


Whulp... it was bound to happen. Last month marked the third annual International Record Store Day, that finest of holidays where tons of limited edition records are released and nearly immediately yanked from the shelves by eager shoppers.

I knocked out a couple of things to help rally the cause this year...

If yr in Salt Lake City, you still might be able to nab this T-Shirt design at the most-excellent Slowtrain Records:

While this image was on all sorts of things for Phono Select Records in Sacramento, CA:

If Record Store Day came and went and you didn't get a chance to sing your Record Store Day carols or eat your Record Store Day figgy pudding, don't worry yrself too thin... just flip on the turntable, make yrself a cocktail and relax, 'cuz it'll be back next year!

Saturday, March 05, 2011


One month later, it's still snowing, and it still roundly sucks an unspecified amount of ass skulking around here in the Midwest.

Ah well.. it's March. How much longer can it be miserable? Very much looking forward to those magical two weeks post-gross-out-winter-melt-off (dog diarrhea AND condoms littering the sidewalk? Yeah, buddy!) where the weather is beautiful and the trees are green before the oppressively hot slog of summer delivers it's seasonal sweaty nut-punch.

Meanwhile, I am toiling away here in the Ragbag Comics HQ (read: my couch and, occasionally, at the drafting table) knocking out some I-think-turned-out-just-fine artwork for the annual Bloodshot Records SXSW showcase in Austin later this month.

Have a peek, and if yr gonna be down that way, for god's sake stop by and check out what's happenin...

Also ended up altering this one for another Amazon sampler...

Ain't it cute?

More to come, soon... so long as the paid work keeps-on-a-comin, I'm gonna keep-on-a-doin'-it. Got some cool t-shirt designs and Record Store Day stuff in the works as we speak.

More to come...